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Not every key locksmith is a professional car key locksmith. To be a good automotive locksmith, you have to learn a lot and gain many hours of practice. That’s why a lot of automotive locksmiths prefer to stick with regular lock and key work.

Since you have this article on the internet, I assume you would like us to reveal some secrets about automotive locksmithing without getting too technical or losing your interest in the process. So let’s get started then!

Get the best price for any car key replacement.

Car key locksmiths have to deal with a lot of different problems. One of the most common problems is when a customer comes in and says, “I’ve lost my car keys.” So I’m going to assume that you are reading this article because you probably want to know how much it will cost to make a replacement car key for any car. And the good news is that we can replace a key for almost any make and model of a car, even if it’s a foreign brand. We know that a lot of people lose their car keys from time to time, but there are other reasons as well which you should be aware of:

  • Broken car key
  • Locked inside your car

It doesn’t matter why you need to get a replacement. The elegant Lock & Key team is waiting for your call.

great locksmith in scranton for cheap
Great locksmith in Scranton for cheap!

Car keys made near me

We can quickly make a key for any car, and we will be able to do this no matter where you are. Elegant pros can cut a new key from scratch, but if you already have a working spare key, it’s even easier for us to reproduce the code from that existing working key.

If your car’s key light is blinking, that means the car has some security error. Check your remote batteries. They might be dead. If the light doesn’t go away when you replace the batteries, it’s time to call Elegant Lock & Key at 651-800-2215

we cut car keys with ease
We cut car keys with ease!

Car remote programming

If you need a new car remote, you won’t be able to program it by yourself. It would help if you had a car key locksmith near you to program your new remote.

To program a remote, the locksmith technician should connect a computer to read and write directly to the car’s ECU. After that, the technician will be able to register new keys.

elegant lock and key has the best car key programmers
Elegant Lock And Key has the best car key programmers

Car trunks opening

What happens if you can’t open your car’s trunk with your key? Well, several possible things might be wrong:

  • The cylinder might not be working.
  • Warn-out keys.

On both, Elegant Lock & Key can help you. We can fix the cylinder on-site, and if you need new keys, we can cut and program them within 10 minutes.

locked car trunk call us now
Locked car trunk? Call us now!

Car key duplication services

At Elegant Lock and Key, we acquired state-of-the-art car key cloning and duplicating machines. We can copy your key in a few seconds, and we will be able to produce an unlimited number of copies from that one original car key.

elegant lock and key can duplicate can car key
Elegant Lock and Key can duplicate can car key!

Car and truck lockout services

Oh boy, you’ve been locked out of your vehicle. Even if you are locked out of your car, we can help you because we have a unique tool that will open the door no matter what. We won’t even damage or scratch your car in any way.

At Elegant Lock and Key, we can do more than just lockouts. Elegant Lock and Key offers a wide range of automotive locksmith services ranging from transponder key programming, new car keys duplication, and many others.

best locksmith can do car lockouts and car trunks
Best locksmith can do car lockouts, and car trunks.

VAT Keys cutting

VAT Keys are the previous version of the old transponder keys. Transponder keys are made of a standard metal blade and a giant black plastic shell on top. Inside this plastic shell, there’s a chip. The chip should be corresponding with the car’s computer. If the chip in your key doesn’t work, we can program a new chip key for you.

At Elegant Lock & Key, we can cut VAT Keys, Chip Keys, Transponder Keys, Laser Cutting Keys, and High-Security keys.


vat keys locksmiths
We can help with any keys, and also keys from the past!

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Since childhood, Locks & Keys were my favorite hobby. In 2018 I started my professional practice with several companies in upstate NY. I always knew that one day I would open a locksmith shop of my own. Elegant Lock & Key is the place where I can play with locks all day long.

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Vince Brunetti
Vince Brunetti
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Got a used glass display case and needed a new key they made a new key in less than 12 hours great 👍🏼
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Madame Asia J. Miller
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I am a realtor and needed help rekeying a lock fast. He came out within 20minutes! Had it done within 10minutes! I was amazed!! I will neeeeever call anyone else but him. He was also very kind! I wish I could give him 10 stars
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He was in touch every step of the way. He was very innovative with the installation and even secured the doorframe. The rate was low and I was not made to feel uncomfortable in any way.
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Kathryn Gerrity
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Lost my keys after looking for them for hours. Sean was at my house within 2 hours of calling & the whole process of making a new key took less than an hour & more affordable than other locksmiths I called. Saved my weekend!!
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Joe Weissberg
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Shawn is great and got my 2019 Honda crv car key / remote within 10 minutes in and out for a really good price. Would highly recommend
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James Biondo
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Shawn was very fast and helpful with our lock problem. Highly recommend.
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Shawn was quick even though it was late! Willing to work with me and got it handled really fast. Thabks guys!
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CJ Cerra
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Calling all Realtors and Consumers, Shawn was out within 15 minutes to rekey, he was very professional and fair pricing! Would not hesitate to use or refer him in the future.