The Best Master Key System for Businesses in Scranton, PA
By Elegant Lock & Key

When it comes to finding the perfect master key system for your business, there several factors that you should keep in mind. However, while these factors may impact how you choose your locksets and hardware, they may not play as large of a role as you might expect.

Instead, it would help if you were looking at convenience and ease of use when it comes to managing your master key system. After all, the whole point of choosing one is that you need to make life easier for everyone who will be using it.

So do not choose a master key system that takes too much time to manage or one that makes you want to pull your hair out in frustration after just a few minutes. Instead, you need to find one that is simple enough for everyone to use without issue.

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Here are a few of the best master key systems on the market right now

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Strong and big locks!

Medeco High-Security Locksets (High Security)

Of all of the master key systems available today, Medeco’s high-security locksets might be among the most popular. Medeco locks are so secure that even the police cannot break through them easily as long as you have chosen the right equipment.

In addition, Medeco’s locksets are made from one of the most rigid materials available and have a good reputation for being extremely tough to pick into or destroy. Unfortunately, this level of security does mean that they are not the easiest to manage.

Picking a Medeco High-Security Lockset for your business is an excellent idea if you need to ensure that no one can break into any of your locations. In addition, these locksets may also be easier to manage once employees get used to them.

KeyMark Magna-System Key Control System (Entry Level)

Another excellent master key system that you should take into consideration is KeyMark’s Magna-system.

This system is designed for entry-level users who will need to manage several locations in their business. This means that the key system is easier to use, and it handles daily changes with ease, making it an excellent choice for many businesses.

The Magna-system key control system is very affordable for entry-level users, making it one of the market’s least expensive master key systems. However, it would be best to keep in mind that this also means that it doesn’t have many features to help you manage your system.

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Large and advanced locks

Sargent & Greenleaf 8400 Key Control System (Advanced)

If you are looking for a more advanced master key system that will help you take your business to the next level, then Sargent & Greenleaf’s 8400 key control system might be the ideal choice.

This advanced master key system is designed for businesses too large for entry-level systems but still needs something affordable enough not to break the bank. While this may sound great on paper, it does come with its own set of drawbacks.

Like most master key systems, the 8400 has a limited ability to handle changes in your locks. This means that you will need to call your local locksmith in Scranton for routine maintenance and lock changes instead of dealing with them yourself.

Also, it does not have many features to help you manage the system quickly, making this system rather frustrating to use in the long run.

is schlage key pad good
Is the Schlage keypad secure?

Schlage Commercial Keypads (Convenience)

The best master key systems are those that provide convenience without sacrificing security. Of course, finding a master key system that can accomplish both of these things might be difficult.

However, Schlage stands out because they have managed to do this with their commercial keypads. These locksets are incredibly convenient for workers to use but also very easy to manage since you can use one hand to open them instead of the traditional key.

Of course, this does mean that you will not necessarily want to use the commercial keypads on your master bedroom door or other sensitive areas of your home. However, if you need something for heavy traffic areas, these are some of the best choices around today.

Medeco High-Security Padlocks (Security)

While Medeco locksets are well-known for their security, there are times when you might need to use padlocks.

Fortunately, these locksets do not sacrifice much in terms of quality either. They are the most secure padlocks on the market today. They are incredibly resistant to picking and prying attacks while also being strong enough to resist destruction.

Unfortunately, this also means that they are not the easiest locksets to open, especially those without experience. This is why you should only use them if you need something extremely secure and cannot compromise on that.

Of course, since Schlage commercial keypads are more accessible to open than most other options, this makes them some of the best master key systems on the market today. Thus, if you need something convenient without compromising security, a commercial keypad will likely be your best bet.

is the mul t lock good
Is the Mul-T-Lock lock any good?

Mul-T-Lock (Ease of Use)

While Schlage commercial keypads might be easier to manage than other locksets, they are not the easiest to use. This is why many people turn to Mul-T-Lock’s MT5+ when they need something simple enough for everyone, regardless of their experience level with locksets.

Unlike other locksets, the MT5+ does not require a key to open. Instead, you can use your finger and touch the lock’s two buttons at the same time. After that, you need to enter your code and press one of the buttons three times before it opens.

Of course, this does mean that anyone who needs to access the lock will need to know the code. However, since it is so simple to use, most people can master this with ease after just a few tries.

Combine this with its ability to resist most types of attacks, and you have one of the best master key systems on the market today. Whether you run a business or want a secure way of locking your home, you will be able to find the perfect option thanks to these great products.

Of course, learning about these options is just the first step. You also need to buy one if you want to use the best master key system possible. Fortunately, finding a place where you can buy any of these can take just a few moments, thanks to the Internet. You should have no problem finding the perfect selection of locksets that you need when you decide to buy one online today.

how to open a master key
What is an easy way of opening a master key system?

How to Open a Master Key System

As stated above, very few people have any idea how to open a master key system. Most people assume that you need to know the master key to enter certain rooms. While this might be true for some systems, it is not always the case.

There are two different ways that you can access a master key system. The first is through what is known as an ID-cylinder system. In this case, you need to stick a key into the lock and turn it until it stops.

After that, you will remove the key from the hole and press a separate button on the knob or handle before you can push down or pull up to open it. This process is repeated for each room, with every single one using a different key.

The alternative is to use an electronic system. This process is the simplest of all, which is why it has become so popular. All you need to do is stick your finger into the handle and hold it there for a few seconds before pushing down or pulling up. Like with the other option, this simple action will open every room in the entire complex.

how would i go on opening a master key system
What are the easiest ways to open a master key systems?

For many people, this is preferable because it allows them to access their room without fumbling around for the right key. However, others do not care for this system simply because it can be challenging to remember which button belongs to which door.

Of course, an electronic system is only as secure as you make it. If you use an ID cylinder that only requires a master key to open every room on your entire floor, then this is not a problem.

However, if you use a standard lock on your door and add the electronic system on top of it, you have just opened yourself up to trouble. An intruder who knows how to access the master key system on the electronic pad can easily open any door in your complex, which is why it is vital to learn and understand how these locks work before you install them.

It would be best to think about the various brands available on the market today before you decide which one to buy. Since there are so many, it is vital to choose one that will meet your needs in the best way possible.

Of course, this information will only come in handy if you know how to open a master key system, which is why you should learn about all of these different options before using them.

How to Open a Master Key System With No Key

While it might be evident that you can open a master key system with another key, it is equally important to understand that you can do the same thing without one.

Many people are surprised by this fact simply because they naturally assume that all of these locks will only allow an authorized key holder to enter the premises. However, this is not true at all.

This is why you should be cautious with the keys you give out. If you hand them out to as many people as possible, then there is a good chance that someone will use one of those keys to open your master key system and enter your room without your permission. This means that this person might commit crimes on the premises, but they can also use your space to stash the evidence.

On the other hand, you should not assume that someone cannot access your room by using a master key unless you have changed all of them. This is because it only takes one key to open this complex system.

That being said, some locksmiths recommend locking your door with a traditional lock, even if you have an electronic system. This is only necessary if you are concerned about someone using the master key to enter your room at any given time, but it will not protect you from an ID-cylinder system.

It is also essential to consider how these locks work before locking yourself out of your room. If you leave your key in the door when you go out, then there is a chance that someone will use it to access your room.

This is less of a problem if you have locked your door with a traditional lock instead of an electronic system, but it can still lead to some issues regardless.

Even if these locks are fail-proof, there is always the chance that someone will enter your room anyway. However, this person will not necessarily be an intruder if you have given them access to your premises.

how do i open a master key system
What is the best way to open a master key system?

For example, this might happen when you go on vacation and ask a friend to pick up some things for you or feed your fish while you are away. Many people are naturally going to be concerned about who has access to their premises.

It is becoming more common for contractors and companies to ask people for a key when they hire them, which can cause issues if you do not want your employer to know about your personal life.

In these situations, many people will try to open a master key system with no key to keep their personal and professional lives segregated from one another.

You might not always want to use a master key system when you are in your room. The only reason why these keys exist in the first place is that people used to lose their room keys all of the time.

While it is much less common to lose a key when you have an electronic system instead of a traditional lock, there is always the chance that this will happen.

In most cases, your best bet if you do not want someone else to get in your room is a standard pin-and-tumbler lock. This type of lock does not use technology, which means it will not be hacked even if someone has your key.

This is why many hotels use this type of lock instead of an electronic system for their doors, which means that you can get the same level of protection by using a standard pin-and-tumbler lock instead of a master key system.

Understand How These Locks Work

You also have to consider how these locks work before you decide to use them. Unlike master key systems, pin-and-tumbler locks can be opened without a key if someone breaks into your room.

This means that it is less secure than the electronic system in some ways, but it also means that you cannot get locked out of your room unless you lose your key or leave it in the door by mistake.

In terms of the master key system, there are some ways to protect yourself from someone using a master key to open your door even if you have not changed all of the keys.

In many cases, people use these locks to check their room without worrying about being locked out because they still have a key. As a result, some locksmiths recommend using a standard pin-and-tumbler lock that only requires the use of your room’s key if you want to be sure that you will not end up locked out.

things to think about
What you need to know!

Things to Keep in Mind

Keeping all of these essential factors in mind when you decide to change your door lock is necessary before choosing the best option for your needs.

You also have to remember that no matter which type of lock you choose, there is always a chance that someone will enter your room without permission.

With this in mind, it is essential to consider what kind of damage they could do if they got into your room and decided to do something terrible.

You can always change your lock to a different type in the future. However, there may be situations where you might want to use all of these locks at once, which might be more expensive than you would expect.

For this reason, it is essential to consider how quickly you need someone else to get in your room when they have access and how secure the room needs to be.

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