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Getting locked out of your car can be a hassle. Whether the automobile locks no longer work, or you left your key inside, it causes a great deal of inconvenience. It can happen to you anywhere at any time. Locksmiths are a dependable solution to this problem.

Are you looking for a reliable locksmith in Scranton, PA? Look no further than Elegant Lock and Key. Located in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, PA, we provide auto locksmith services through certified professionals.

car key cutting and programming scranton
Professional Key Cutting & Programming

Quality Service at a Fair Price

Most car locksmith services are expensive. What makes us stand out is our affordable and cost-effective prices. We are not only cheaper than any car dealership, but we also maintain a high standard of service. You get great deals with professional expertise – all our locksmiths are knowledgeable, experienced, and educated.

Emergency Service Available

Not every service works during the evening, which is inconvenient during middle-of-the-night emergencies. The good news is Elegant Lock and Key works around the clock, seven days a week. We provide emergency services 24/7. If you are in the middle of the road and need assistance, call us, and we can send someone there immediately.

ignition repair and replacement in scranton
Ignition Switch Repair & Replacement

Car Key Replacement

Do you need to replace the car keys? Sometimes a car key may bend or break under pressure. We offer car key replacement. No matter the make and model of your car, we can create a key just for you. Our key designs are strong and durable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

mitzubishi car keys
Domestic & foreign cars service

Ignition Repair or Replace

A faulty ignition switch is the result of a power disruption. If your car doesn’t start, it may be due to the ignition switch. We can repair your ignition by removing the cylinder lock and fixing the wires. If the switch is broken entirely, we can replace it with a new one.

Transponder Key Programming

Elegant Lock and Key understand the importance of modern technology. Transponder keys offer a high level of security due to their microchips. Each of these microchips contains programming with uniquely personal numbers, which prevents break-ins since your car should only recognize that particular number. However, if the signal within the transponder key loses power, you need to reprogram it.

Our locksmiths have the knowledge and expertise to reprogram your transponder keys. Not only do we repair these types of keys, but we can also replace them. We use high-tech equipment with our electronic key cutting machines. They can create transponder chip keys that fit the make and model of your car.

transponder key cutting
Transponder Key Cutting & Programming

Key Fob Programming

Key fob programming, otherwise known as a remote keyless system, is a useful method to access your car without a conventional key. It prevents unauthorized access to your car since it can only start with the key fob. If you want anti-theft security, we have you covered with our locksmiths. We can program remotes for any make and model of your car at your convenience. Our team is professionally trained to program remote keyless systems, thanks to our knowledge, expertise, and years of experience.

Car key made

At Elegant Lock and Key, we can create any car key without the need for an existing working key.  The car key-made service sometimes requires an ECU reflash (Car computer reflash).

Key Duplication

It would help if you considered duplicate keys. When you copy car keys, you prepare yourself for situations where a key ends up breaking, bending, or missing. Unlike most companies, Elegant Lock and Key offers to copy your keys with a brand-new finish. We use high-quality materials to ensure your copies are just as good as the original.

car key lishi
New car key cutting

Removal and Repair of Broken Keys

Through no fault of your own, you may end up breaking your key inside your keyhole. If the fragmented part of the key remains, you have to remove it. However, it can be a difficult task on your own. You need special tools to retrieve the key, otherwise, you cannot access that door. Spare keys do not help in this situation, either. Turn to Elegant Lock and Key for the removal and repair of your broken keys.

Our locksmiths are fully prepared to deal with this type of situation. We can extract broken keys with ease thanks to our knowledge and specialized tools. From tweezers to hooks, we use careful precision to ensure no damage is done to your car. Key extraction is a safe method for getting rid of broken keys in your keyhole.

We can also repair these broken keys. Once you give us the broken half of the key, we can take a look and get to work. We make news keys with state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality materials. What you get is reliability with our repairs and replacements.

push to start scranton
Push to start Ignition Repair


Can a locksmith make a transponder key?

The short answer is yes. Most of the time, locksmiths should be able to program a transponder key. What sets us apart is we use advanced technology to perform the task. Since we have the extensive knowledge and tools to make these types of keys, you can rest assured you get a great service. We prioritize your security and protection, which is what transponder keys provide.

car key duplication scranton
Blank car keys – Key cutting & duplication

What to do if you lose your car keys and don’t have a spare?

First, you should search the area and double-check where you may have left your keys. If you cannot find it, then you should consider giving us a call. With our 24/7 emergency services, we can arrive at your location, swiftly. We take a look at your car’s make and model, and from there, we can make a replacement key just for you. Our services also include making duplicate keys to keep you prepared.

I locked my keys in my car, can a locksmith help me?

We can most certainly help you. Use our emergency services so you can get immediate assistance. With specialized tools, we can retrieve your keys from inside your car. We ensure no damage is done during the retrieval process.

Client Testimonial

I didn’t know what to do! Why? Because no locksmith answered by 6:30 pm. I went through the list of locksmiths on my phone and found Elegant Lock and Key. They had 5-star reviews, so I was pretty confident they would help me out. When I called them up, the person on the other end said that he could be there within an hour! He was driving from downtown Wilkes Barre, so it took a little longer than anticipated, but once he arrived (he came with a replacement key), he got my car running again quickly.


Elegant Lock and Key gives you great quality at affordable prices. Our dependable services allow you to repair or replace your car keys with ease. Give us a call, and we can send someone over with a quick delivery service.

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Picture of Shawn the Locksmith
Shawn the Locksmith

Since childhood, Locks & Keys were my favorite hobby. In 2018 I started my professional practice with several companies in upstate NY. I always knew that one day I would open a locksmith shop of my own. Elegant Lock & Key is the place where I can play with locks all day long.

Vince Brunetti
Vince Brunetti
Read More
Got a used glass display case and needed a new key they made a new key in less than 12 hours great 👍🏼
Madame Asia J. Miller
Madame Asia J. Miller
Read More
I am a realtor and needed help rekeying a lock fast. He came out within 20minutes! Had it done within 10minutes! I was amazed!! I will neeeeever call anyone else but him. He was also very kind! I wish I could give him 10 stars
Read More
He was in touch every step of the way. He was very innovative with the installation and even secured the doorframe. The rate was low and I was not made to feel uncomfortable in any way.
Kathryn Gerrity
Kathryn Gerrity
Read More
Lost my keys after looking for them for hours. Sean was at my house within 2 hours of calling & the whole process of making a new key took less than an hour & more affordable than other locksmiths I called. Saved my weekend!!
Joe Weissberg
Joe Weissberg
Read More
Shawn is great and got my 2019 Honda crv car key / remote within 10 minutes in and out for a really good price. Would highly recommend
James Biondo
James Biondo
Read More
Shawn was very fast and helpful with our lock problem. Highly recommend.
Jackson Dart
Jackson Dart
Read More
Shawn was quick even though it was late! Willing to work with me and got it handled really fast. Thabks guys!
CJ Cerra
CJ Cerra
Read More
Calling all Realtors and Consumers, Shawn was out within 15 minutes to rekey, he was very professional and fair pricing! Would not hesitate to use or refer him in the future.

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