Do you need to pop a lock?
By Elegant Lock & Key

Elegant Lock and Key locksmith services in Scranton, PA, can pop a lock for you and even more. So whenever you need a pop a lock near me – Call Elegant Lock & Key.

Call Pop a lock near Scranton, PA:

Rekeying, installation, and repair of locks and deadbolts. Pop a lock service isn’t just about popping out your locks. It’s also about lock installation and old lock repairs.

Why is Pop a lock service important?

Some people pop locks only when they lose their keys. And while this may help them get to their car or home, it can be unsafe. Not all locksmiths offer the service of popping a lock, and not everyone who provides this service has the necessary knowledge.

Only a locksmith with special tools and years of experience can pop a lock without damaging your door frame, locks, or knobs. And this means that it’s important to choose a good locksmith for all your lock needs near me.

popping a lock service
Best lock popping skills in Scranton

Why choose Elegant Lock & Key’s Pop a lock service?

When you need a locksmith near me or anywhere – it’s best to find an experienced company, like Elegant Lock and Key.

Elegant Lock and Key has trustworthy locksmiths who know how to pop a lock and offer more. Pop a lock with experience:

Pop lock services for cars, homes, or businesses ensure everything is done right the first time.

Let Elegant Lock and Key know if you need any of these services:

best locksmith in scranton
Elegant Lock & Key is a professional company


After popping a lock, Rekey services are necessary, especially if you know someone who might have access to your house or business. At Elegant Lock & Key, we offer great lock rekey service and at a great price.

rekeying services
Elegant lock and Key are great at rekeying

Change lock combination

After moving to a new house, a change of lock combination is a must. So if you need a locksmith near me, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

combination locks
Elegant Lock and Key has the best combination locks!

Door lock Installation

If you recently moved to Scranton into a new home and would like to upgrade or install new locks, you can opt for installation services by Elegant Lock & Key.

installing a door lock
Best door lock installation

Lock Repair

A broken lock is a serious problem and can create security concerns. Things like broken knobs or handles, jammed locks or even faulty deadbolts. We can fix it!

repairing a lock in scranton
Best repair locksmith in Scranton

Emergency lockout

If you locked yourself out, call Elegant Lock & Key for our emergency service. We know how to get in without breaking your door or lock – and at low rates!

emergency lockout
Elegant Lock and Key emergency lockout

Broken keys in locks

Accidents happen (oh, boy), and you might end up with a broken key inside your car’s door-lock. At Elegant Lock & Key, we have an excellent service to get you back in your vehicle at a low price!

broken key
Elegant Lock and Key can fix broken keys with ease!

Bedroom and bathroom lockout

How many times has one of my boys locked our bedroom, bathroom, storage room, basement, etc. They always forget to leave a key out for us. Luckily, Elegant Locksmiths are right around the corner!

bathroom lockout
Elegant Lock and Key can do bathroom and, bedroom lockouts!

Garage door lock

Not only your front door locks and knobs. Whenever you have a problem with your garage door locks, Elegant Locksmith is right here for you!

best garage door lock
Elegant Lock and Key can help you, with garage door locks!

Keys locked in car

The worst thing that can happen – is being locked out of your car. If you come across a situation like this, don’t panic and call a professional locksmith. Elegant Locksmith can help you out!

keys locked in a car
Elegant Lock and key can help you 24/7 with all your locksmith needs!

Transponder key programming

If you have a brand new vehicle, make sure you have a spare programmed key. If not – don’t worry. At Elegant Lock and Key, we can program it for you!

So the next time (let’s hope not) you need a locksmith near me – give Elegant Lock & Key a call. We’re here to help with all your lock and key needs.

best transponder key
Elegant Lock and Key has some of the best key transponders, in all of Scranton!

Customers reviews

The elegant Lock & Key team is doing everything to get the best customers satisfaction. Please read some of our latest reviews.

5 stare customers reviews locksmith
Best customers, best reviews!

House lockout near Dalton, PA.

customer reviews margo p

“After my son slammed the door, the lock stopped working. I called a few locksmiths near Dalton, PA, and got, let’s put it in a better light, Scammers. After Googling for a few more minutes, I found the Elegant Lock and Key team to do the job. They arrived in a matter of 30 minutes and had my door lock fixed in no time. Kudos to this amazing company! There are still locksmiths out there who will do their job right the first time around at affordable rates.” – Margo P., Dalton, PA.

Car ignition replacement in Moosic, PA

locksmith customer review

“I couldn’t turn my key in the ignition when I tried to leave for work. Thanks to Elegant Lock and Key, my car got fixed in no time! The Locksmith was nice and replaced the faulty key-cylinder with a new one. Now everything’s working fine!” – John M., Moosic, PA.

Change of lock combination in Scranton, PA

customer review for a locksmith samantha

“I called up Elegant Lock and Key after moving into my new house. I wanted them to change my lock combination as well as rekey all the locks in our home. They provided me with cheap service rates and did great work! Highly recommended.” – Samantha B., Scranton, PA.

Broken key extraction from my file cabinet

jason d review

“My father broke a key inside the file cabinet keyhole. He tried using a few different locksmith methods to get the key out, but nothing worked. We were about to give up when we decided to Google for a professional locksmith. Luckily enough, we found an Elegant Lock and Key that arrived at our doorstep in under 20 minutes! The Locksmith did his magic and managed to remove the broken key from my cabinet – all within 3 minutes! Highly recommended company!” – Jason D., Clarks Summit

Deadbolt lock replacement in Wilkes-Barre, PA

red head review

“I was locked out of my house because I broke the deadbolt lock while trying to change the combination. I called a couple of locksmith companies near Wilkes-Barre, PA, but none of them seemed to know what they were doing. I found Elegant Lock and Key through Google and gave them a call. The Locksmith arrived in 30 minutes and fixed my lock within 3 minutes! They also rekeyed all the other locks in my house for free! Amazing service!” – Sarah M., Wilkes-Barre, PA.

No one was able to open our front door.

bobby's review for a locksmith

“Our pick-up truck was locked inside our garage, and we had no idea what happened with the keys. We tried calling up some locksmiths near Stroudsburg, but none of them seemed like they knew what they were doing. After Googling for a few more minutes, we discovered the Elegant Lock & Key Company. The Locksmith who arrived helped us get our door unlocked and fixed the lock for good measure. We would recommend Elegant Lock n Key company to anyone who needs a fast locksmith!” – Bobby O., Chinchilla, PA, 18411.

Lock replacement in Hazleton, PA

joyce' lockout review

“Our home got broken into last week, and we lost all of our keys somewhere inside the house. The Locksmith from Elegant Lock & Key quickly came over and changed all the locks in under 30 minutes! He was courteous and helpful throughout the entire process.” – Joyce R., Waverly, PA.

Ignition replacement in Scranton, PA

Jessica's customer reivew

“My car wouldn’t start, so I called a few different tow companies, but none of them seemed interested in helping me out with my car troubles. Luckily enough, one of them told me to call Elegant Lock and Key as they could probably help. I called them up, and the Locksmith arrived within 10 minutes! He fixed my ignition in no time and didn’t even charge me extra money. Great work!” – Jessica F., Scranton, PA

Emergency lockout situation

the best locksmith review by charles h

“I woke up one morning, ran after the garbage truck, and then I realized that I was locked out of my house. And yesterday evening, I lost the keys somewhere inside the house. It was already 8:00 am, so it took me a while before finding someone who could come over at such an early hour. Luckily enough, we found Elegant Lock & Key through Google and gave them a call right away. The Locksmith arrived just 30 minutes later and helped us get into our house without losing much time. Thank you, Elegant Lock & Key!” – Charles H., Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Broken lock replacement in Stroudsburg, PA

locksmith review by olivia r

“I was taking my kid to school when I realized that I didn’t have all the keys for my car! One of them broke inside the lock so it wouldn’t open. The Locksmith from Elegant Lock & Key arrived just 30 minutes after I called them up and fixed the lock within 3 minutes. Awe-inspiring service!” – Olivia R., Factoryville, 18419

Car key duplication near State College, PA

mary s on elegant lock and key

“My car key suddenly stopped working one day, so I decided to call a few companies for help. Unfortunately, none of them seemed to know what they were doing. I found Elegant Lock & Key through Google and gave them a call right away. The Locksmith arrived in 20 minutes and managed to fix my car key within a few seconds! I recommend this company!” – Mary S., Mayfield, PA

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Picture of Shawn the Locksmith
Shawn the Locksmith

Since childhood, Locks & Keys were my favorite hobby. In 2018 I started my professional practice with several companies in upstate NY. I always knew that one day I would open a locksmith shop of my own. Elegant Lock & Key is the place where I can play with locks all day long.

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Vince Brunetti
Vince Brunetti
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Got a used glass display case and needed a new key they made a new key in less than 12 hours great 👍🏼
Madame Asia J. Miller
Madame Asia J. Miller
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I am a realtor and needed help rekeying a lock fast. He came out within 20minutes! Had it done within 10minutes! I was amazed!! I will neeeeever call anyone else but him. He was also very kind! I wish I could give him 10 stars
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He was in touch every step of the way. He was very innovative with the installation and even secured the doorframe. The rate was low and I was not made to feel uncomfortable in any way.
Kathryn Gerrity
Kathryn Gerrity
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Lost my keys after looking for them for hours. Sean was at my house within 2 hours of calling & the whole process of making a new key took less than an hour & more affordable than other locksmiths I called. Saved my weekend!!
Joe Weissberg
Joe Weissberg
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Shawn is great and got my 2019 Honda crv car key / remote within 10 minutes in and out for a really good price. Would highly recommend
James Biondo
James Biondo
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Shawn was very fast and helpful with our lock problem. Highly recommend.
Jackson Dart
Jackson Dart
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Shawn was quick even though it was late! Willing to work with me and got it handled really fast. Thabks guys!
CJ Cerra
CJ Cerra
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Calling all Realtors and Consumers, Shawn was out within 15 minutes to rekey, he was very professional and fair pricing! Would not hesitate to use or refer him in the future.