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Residential locksmith services are needed if you lost your keys or your locks were broken, you might be exposed to thieves, intruders, and other unwanted visitors. Before untoward events happen to you, you have to call a local locksmith to repair your locks, copy your keys, and improve your home security system.

Elegant Lock and Key is the best locksmith in Scranton and the surrounding areas including Wilkes-Barre, Dunmore, and more. As a matter of fact, We specialize in residential security services for residences of all types and doors of all sizes. Not only do we offer to put locks on your door, but we also provide high-quality lock brands and high-security cylinders to make your house secure and safe.

We offer combination locks installation and repair apartments, condos, hotels/motels with professionally trained and certified locksmith specialists. At the same time, our services include lock installation, lock change, high-security locks, installation of deadbolt locks and lock repair, key copying, spare keys, and more.

Lock change
Lock re-key & Lock change | Residential locksmith services in Scranton
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Change lock combination service

When Do You Need a Residential Locksmith?

When you are locked out of your home or condo, you shouldn’t break a window to get in. The best thing you can do is reach an expert locksmith nearby and resolve the issue with comfort and quality.

There are many reasons why you should hire professional locksmith services. Here are a few advantages:

  • If your keys go missing, you can ask a residential locksmith to duplicate your keys and replace your locks.
  • Your locking system is broken.
  • You want to change your locks as part of increasing your home security.

What Services Does Elegant Lock and Key Offer?

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Choose a colorful house key for your home

Elegant Lock and Key is your reliable and trusted home locksmith in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, PA. Your family’s safety is our main priority. Our professional home security experts provide your home with a full range of locking services, including:

  • Lockout service
  • key replacement
  • Door Jamb Repair
  • keypad locks & smart locks
  • Home lock installation
  • High-security locks
  • Keyless locks
  • Professional key copying
  • Lock changing & upgrading
  • Lock Replacement

Moreover, we offer quality and friendly services to help you with all your residential locking solutions. By the same token, we’ve developed a reputation for professionalism in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, PA, due to our 24-hour locksmith services. In this case or for any other locksmith issue you have.

For fast and reliable service, call us today to get an honest quote. We are glad to assist you.

Types of Locks

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Popular Lock Manufacturers in the USA

In residential contexts, lever handle locks allow you to shut and open doors by pressing the handle or securing the key. On the other hand, there are many types of residential locks besides lever handle locks.

The doorknob lock is a great innovation because it offers you some security. Though it might not be as strong as a deadbolt,  it may function in combination with other locking mechanisms.

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What is the best lock for my home?

What Can Elegant Lock and Key Do For Your home security?

Locksmiths today are essentially involved in designing higher quality lock-sets and developing and managing keying and key control systems.

At Elegant Lock and Key, we can help you secure your place, protect your family, and give you a sense of security. We understand the complexities of key duplication, smart door locks, automotive keys, and much more. Locksmithing is our main duty, and our licensed, certified specialists are working around the clock to assist every one of our clients finds the security solutions they deserve.

Home Lock Rekey

If you’re moving into a new apartment, calling our team for a rekey is a smart decision. Rekeying is an affordable alternative, protecting your hardware in most cases. This way, you can guarantee that only you and those you trust have access to your place.

A rekeying does not require removing the lock itself. Our locksmiths simply adjust the pinning inside the existing lock and produce new keys. In general, a house re-key is much more efficient and cost-effective compared to a door lock change by all means. Elegant lock & key technicians will perform any lock re-key to be done. Locks such as Kwikset, Schlage, Yale… in other words, all of them.

lock repair installation
Repair & Install Residential Locks

Lock Repair and Installation

We also provide lock repair and mobile residential locksmith services. If you need to fix lock hardware or install a whole new piece, don’t put your safety at stake, and call us to get the work done.

An equipped, certified Elegant Lock and Key expert can professionally place your locks accurately at affordable prices. We use mortise locks set and jimmy proof locks for a residential locksmith.

Our mobile locksmiths’ specialists are professional, trained, and reliable. We have all the necessary tools to place or repair your locks quickly and perfectly. Trust us for all your needs.

Electronic Locks

The first thing to remember if you want to increase your home security, electronic locks and deadbolts can be your best option. They are useful and highly safe. With this in mind, there are many models and types of electronic locks, so the best thing is to get a pro locksmith consultation.

High-Security Locks

For people who want high-level locking systems in their house, we can help. There is a large selection of high-security lock solutions. From password to user responsive schemes, our locks are long-lasting, sturdy, and can keep you and your family protected. In other words, in 2021, you have to have a Hi-security lock system in order to have peace of mind.

Smart Lock Installation

The future of the home security industry lies firmly on smart locks. They strive to blend the comfort of automated technology with your home security. Smart locks look modern, innovative, and stylish. They allow homeowners to cast a larger security net over their apartments, even from remote places. Another key point is to have full control of your premises entrances. Especially if you live in a not-funny neighborhood.

Broken Key Extraction

A broken key is one of the few things that can make a homeowner very frustrated, in particular – Mad. On the positive side, it happens to everyone, let just hope it is not frequently. As locksmiths, we understand that frustration, and we help you get your key out of your lock. Most importantly, we make sure it does not happen to you again by showing how to avoid breaking your key in your lock again. For this reason, Shawn our locksmith always says: “In the middle between residential key cutting to lock change – broken key extraction is there”.

House Locksmith FAQs

Can a Residential Locksmith Make a New House Key?

If you lost your key, a locksmith could create a new key from scratch and without the original, using a blank and a file and the task’s skills. Once we are there, it’s important to realize that you have to have your ID on you, for identification. In addition to that, the house lease or document would be great to have.

How Do I Know If My Locksmith Is Real?

The best way to determine whether a locksmith is reliable is to research them ahead of time rather than going online when it’s an emergency. Contact them, ask them specific questions, and check their reviews. And even though you’ve interviewed the locksmith, you have to make sure that this locksmith has a storefront. While many locksmiths will serve you via mobile locksmith labs without a real address. It is most important to clarify that a locksmith store is where you want to go when you have a problem. And you truly want to know you’re local locksmith.

Is It Cheaper to Rekey or Replace Locks?

You don’t necessarily have to replace your locks. In fact, you can rekey locks for less dollars. Rekeying a lock is as effective as having a new and upgraded lock, and it is a lot more practical than deciding to replace it. So certainly, re-key is a lot cheaper than lock change for example.

We are the best residential locksmith service in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, PA. We provide top guard installation and assist our clients with one-on-one personal service. Also, we offer a 24-hour emergency repair service to get you back in your home as soon as possible. Call us today.