Commercial door lock services
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Elegant Lock And Key hold inventory of many commercial door locks. Electronic, mechanical, and keyless commercial locks. Let’s dive into the commercial door locks world. Many are familiar with Kwikset and Schlage, but a business owner should know at least one more commercial locks manufacturer. Let’s talk about Corbin Russwin.

Corbin Russwin is a well-known lock and key manufacturer. They’ve been in business ever since. Corbin Russwin is one of the best mechanical commercial door lock options. If you need a little bit more security from your commercial door locks, or you want to make sure all employees have access only to the office, Corbin Russwin’s commercial lock is what you’re looking for.

corbin russwin commercial lock

Traditional Corbin Russwin Commercial Lever

Corbin Russwin Commercial Mortise Lock Body for Lever. Free Keying Option. You can order directly from Corbin Russwin website. To order multi-locks, you’ll need to select “Keyed Alike,” which serves the same key on multiple locks. You may choose “Keyed Different” for unique keys.

You can also provide a key code (typically a 5-digit number) to match this lock to pre-owned locks.

Choose your handle style.

At Corbin Russwin’s website, you may choose different handle options. Handing. Handing is a system in which items are categorized depending on their usage. Some products have a right or left hand, and they must be specified accordingly. The side on which the hinges are located determines the handing when you look at your door from the outside.


Schlage B560P Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The B560 deadbolt from Schlage is one of the most challenging, most versatile in locksmiths’ business. Its design fits virtually every door and enhances lock strength on its jamb side while being easily installed with an adjustable backset that can be altered to suit your needs – whether you need quick access or security for long periods without having to unlock doors. Repeatedly!

You can order your Schlage deadbolt with brass, bronze, nickel, black, or chrome finish.

Best 8T37M-STK-626

Best 8T37M-STK-626

The 8T37M with Interchangeable Core Double Cylinder Deadbolt is a grade 1 commercial/residential-grade deadbolt. Commercial offices, in particular, and other places require more security – particularly when resistance to brute force attack is needed.

T Series deadbolts are constructed of high-quality materials that help resist corrosion and endure the test of time.

Solid stainless steel bolt with a full 1″ throw in each T Series deadbolt for added protection.

T Series deadbolts are compatible with SFIC cores, making rekeying simple.

T Series deadbolts easily integrate into existing SFIC master key systems and can be combined with any brand’s core.

By turning the key in either cylinder, you may operate the lock. The inside mounting screws are concealed behind a panel on the outside of the door.

Schlage L9092P-EL

Safe as a bank: Schlage L9092P-EL/EU Electrified Mortise Lock

There’s no more robust mortise lock. The L Series is designed to endure the rigors of everyday usage without fail and is one of the most durable, dependable, and intelligent lock families on the market today. When you pick a Schlage lock, you can be sure to protect it at critical moments.

Locks and unlocks the outside lever by electrical contact with a side button L91043) – EU/EL

To install this lock properly, your door thickness should be 1-3/4″. The mortise is a Grade 1 for operational and Grade 1 for security, which means it must meet the toughest standard in the industry.

commercial door locks in scranton
Commercial door locks in Scranton

The Future is here: NZQLJT Door Lock with Face Recognition.

7 Ways to Unlock for Home, Office, Hotel with APP Control For Secure and Convenient Access: NZQLJT provided several secure and straightforward methods to get into your house or office.

Smart lock with 3D face, fingerprint, password, key, swipe card, and mobile App support. standard features include automatic capture, visual door eyesight, automated infrared induction, WIFI connectivity, quick opening handle control system (voice notification), LED LCD screen

Protection against prying, password error (5 times lock and alarm), virtual password, single machine view unlocking record Service guarantee: the product comes with installation accessories and instructions. You can install it yourself (if you can) or hire a professional to do it for you.

No doubt. NZQLJT is the most advanced product. It will give you a unique new experience. The price tag of $1037 reflects the benefits of this lock.

Also, you can check the latest price of the lock on Amazon.

commercial garage door opener NZQLJT-lock
Commercial garage door in Scranton

Let’s talk a bit about Commercial door hardware.

We only show hardware that ANSI/BHMA Grade-1 and Grade-2 have approved. Are you looking for assistance selecting the right door hardware finishes? Call Elegant Lock & Key Today.

commercial door hardware near me
Commercial door hardware near me

Commercial door frames

When you want or need to install a new door for your business, a good decision will be to choose your door’s frame. Would you like a:

  • Welded door frame
  • Cased Opening frame
  • Prefinished steel frame
  • Sidelite frame
  • Double Egress frame
commercial door frame repair
Best commercial door frames in Scranton

The Welded door frame benefits

Business owners can use a welded hollow metal door frame for both interior and exterior applications. Anchors are provided, as well as any wall condition you may have, whether new or existing, so installation is hassle-free! The frames assemble quickly with no tools needed other than your hands to complete this project in a matter of minutes – within 2-3 hours. 

welded door frame
Full profile welded door frame in Scranton

Specifications: Our steel door frames are fire-rated for 3 hours and come in different sizes. You can use them on walls with anchors or without studs for masonry construction!

Timely Prefinished Steel Door Frames: Our wide variety of pre-cut pieces guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for at an affordable price. Whether it’s 4 inches deep jamb spaces up 8+ feet tall ones, we’ve got it covered here, including everything from comprehensive Hingeless models perfect if there’s already another material like tile right where they need installing.

stainless steel door frame
Stainless steel door frames in Scranton PA

Cased Opening Frame – Ideal for Restaurant Doors / Impact Traffic Doors

Doors are an integral part of any commercial establishment. Whether you run a restaurant or a hardware store, doors play an essential role in your business’s overall look and feel. If you’re looking for door frames that are stylish but also durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of constant use, then this is the article for you!

Specifications: Impact Traffic Doors, 16-Gauge Steel – Cold Rolled, Available for Masonry and Drywall Applications

Timely Prefinished Steel Door Frames for Intimate Commercial Spaces

Many door frame options are available, but the Timely prefinished steel door frames are an ideal solution for commercial spaces. We can install these door frames in walls constructed with either wood stud or steel stud framing and are installed after the drywall is applied. The door hardware that accompanies these door frames makes them an excellent choice for any commercial space.

frame for roll up door
A rolling steel door in Scranton PA

Specifications: Timely doors are perfect for commercial and institutional use in offices, hotels, schools, or hospitals. Timely Prefinished frame is the most popular profile among customers who want a dependable product at an exceptional value that looks great too! These steel security door frames come with 20/18 gauge prefinished iron-on finished walls, which can accommodate 500 Lb+ Doors weighing up to 18 Gauge (optional upgrade: 1000 lbs). Pairing two of these single entryway units together will provide you twice as much strength when it comes time to close your business during late night hours due to increased crime rates across America today.

Get your home entrance looking like it belongs in the 21st century with this sleek 3-piece KD (knocked down) frame. It’s perfect for people who want to save time and money by painting instead of building, snapping on steel casing trim that will give you an edge against potential criminals or vandals without compromising security!

Sidelite frame

Sidelite frames are a great way to add beauty and functionality. They have been used for centuries in commercial buildings, but now they’re available on residential doors as well! Sides with glass can be partial height or extend all sizes, meaning there’s something perfect for every home situation from this one-of-a-kind design element. Beads sit inside your frame, preventing broken windows while also holding up sturdy shades that won’t sag over time due to their tendency to do so without proper support–vital if you want everything looking nice around here at your place!

sidelite frame
Door with frame and sidelite in Scranton PA

Specifications: The ultimate in style, strength, and energy efficiency. This window consists of 16 gauge cold rolled steel (galvanized) with 5/8 inch glass stops included for installation on any wall condition, including drywall or concrete block walls, without the need to drill into them at all! You can also pick from multiple options when it comes time for installing your one-of-a-kind design. Either select between five different types galore, so every room gets its very own look by using our wide selection available here today. Go ahead and get ready-made complete preprogrammed panels, giving you instant gratification while saving valuable space inside & out.

Egress? The Double Eject frame is a perfect solution for commercial businesses.

The double egress frame is a perfect solution to the problem of controlling traffic in hospital corridors. This guardrail-like railing can only swing from one direction, allowing you more control over where people enter and exit at their own pace without conflict or distractions for those who need it most! The 16 gauge steel provides excellent fire protection that will stand up against temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit (149 Celsius). So your facility remains safe even if there’s an actual fire happening somewhere else on site right now – which might not seem possible given these conditions. Still, we’ve got plenty of other options too!)

The steel double egress frame is a must for hospitals, schools, and nursing homes to maintain control of traffic in corridors. It can also be used cross-corridor when it comes time for smoke or fire protection; this means that the occupants will never have an unsafe environment while they’re working away from their rooms at any given moment during business hours. With its many features like high-quality construction materials, this might just become one plant purchase decision where safety trumps everything else!

double eject frame
Best door frames in Scranton Pennsylvania

Other door hardware you should purchase

  • Rim Exit Devices
  • Vertical Rod Exit Devices
  • Mortise Exit Devices
  • Exit Device Trim (Locks & Pulls)
  • Alarmed Exit Devices and Alarm Kits
  • Standard Door Closers
  • Electrified Door Closers/Holders For Fire Doors
  • And more
door hardware
Front door hardware in Scranton

Panic bars (AKA Exit Devices)

No one should have to wait for the fire department when their life is threatened. That’s why panic hardware, also known as exit devices or push bars, is required in most public buildings and ensures you’re not stuck on-site during an emergency! Exit Devices unlock doors opening outside of your building so it’ll be more accessible than ever before, escaping from any danger that may arise.

Panic hardware is a durable and easy-to-use solution for most rooms with 50 people or more. It has been installed in high hazard buildings, where code requires it but not everywhere else- this includes places like your bedroom! For these types of installations, there are devices available from trusted brands such as Von Duprin, Falcon Precision Dormakaba Sargent Yale.

panic bar installation
Door panic bars in Scranton

Rim Panic Bars

For those who want a simple and easy-to-maintain rim panic device, this style is perfect. Rim panics can be surface mounted on doors or pairs of them in conjunction with removable mullions for double doors without any trouble at all!

rim panic bar installation
Rim panic bar in Scranton

Vertical rod fire exit hardware is a great way to eliminate the hassle and mess from bypassing one door. Vertical rods offer many advantages, such as saving space in your building’s hallways or allowing you more accessibility options if multiple exits are available for any given room type.

A vertical panic bar

A vertical exit device (VED) creates an alternate route out of doors that people with disabilities can use – but even those not triggering this particular feature will appreciate how easy these devices escape emergencies!

rim panic bar repair
The best vertical panic bar in Scranton Pennsylvania

Mortise Exit Devices

A mortise panic device has a body that’s installed in your door, with the fire-rated hardware mounted on it. These are less commonly used than rim panics because of their more complex preparation and design for outputting an exit path out if there was ever any need to do so quickly. This would require many different products from what you’d find when looking at other types, such as RIT or Class VI rated ones which have been around since forever now! For 3-5 hours labeled doors where they’re paired up together, though? Sometimes even a vertical rod lock mechanism is replaced by just one half being equipped instead (the left side typically).

exit device services
The best Mortise Exit Devices in Pennsylvania

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