Kwikset VS Schlage VS Yale VS Weiser
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Smart Home technology is rapidly growing. You may now operate your door remotely using an app that controls your front door’s smart lock. Smart locks are also known as smart deadbolts. The reason for that is it includes a Wi-Fi feature, Bluetooth, and other smart synchronizing devices.

How can you know if your new lock is worth the money value? Which Smart lock company should you choose? Do smart locks are more secure than mechanical locks?

The Kwikset vs. Schlage vs. Yale vs. Weiser article will help to solve the issue.

The above brands are the biggest lock and key manufacturers in the US. Before going into details, let’s get to know these brands.

kwikset locks


Don’t let the cheap prices of Kwikset locks make you think that the material or technology is poor. Kwikset is the biggest Smart lock manufacturer in the US. They are best known for their easy installation abilities with any type of door. Since 1946, Kwikset has been a reputable brand.

Kwikset’s goal is to provide high-quality security products for the best price and superior service.

smart lock and unlock

Kwikset 92640-001

With this motorized driven deadbolt, your home security will be improved. Set an auto-locking after 10 to 99 seconds. Up to 6 customized access codes, easy to install. A low battery indicator (this one is important, believe me) indicator and many other features.

The average cost is around $40-$50. So it’s way cheaper than Schlage and Wieser.

cheap smartlock

Kwikset 99050-002

If the previous model is too “dry” for you, you can get for about the same price the golden keypad by Kwikset.

Give your family the freedom to go around with no bulky keys in their pockets. With this model, you’ll need no key to enter your home. Moreover, your lock is now safer because it has no keyhole. No keyhole means no picking or bumping.

This model comes with a lifetime warranty on the mechanics, but only with one year on the electronic parts.

Kwikset 99100-079 – Luxury lock at your door

This model is one of the best keypads ever made by Kwikset. It has a built-in light, with the electronic parts covered by steel. It is equipped with a motorized deadbolt (four AAA batteries required), a power indicator, and a locking indicator.

Up to 30 access codes. Get notifications directly to your smartphone. Lock and unlock from anywhere using Z-wave plus.

Works with Alexa

Hubs – No Zigbee, Xfinity, Alexa, or other hub support

Use a screwdriver only to install – not an electric one.

kwikset lock

Elegant Lock and Key Opinion:

“I am Shawn, and it’s my job to give you a helpful and informative article about Kwikset Smart locks.

  • Kwikset offers quality technology for a lower price than Schlage and Yale locks.
  • More people want smart locks now because they offer peace of mind with features such as plenty of security codes and notifications directly to your smartphone.
  • Kwikset has been around since 1946 and is one of the biggest lock manufacturers in the US.

We hope this article helps you decide which lock type is best for your home or business!”

Richie C.Kwikset smart keypad installation in Jermyn, Pa – Richie C.

“I purchased a Kwikset Smart Lock, and I am glad that I did. The installation was easy, and the price was great. It works great with my existing door, and my phone is now always linked to it. If I forget my key, I simply unlock the door with my phone or my fingerprint on the screen.

My family has enjoyed this lock as well because we don’t need any bulky keys to enter our home anymore. Shawn from Elegant Lock and Key helped me find the best Smart Lock for my family and me.”

schlage smart locks

Schlage and the big city

Schlage was founded in 1920 and has been the leading provider of residential locksets, door hinges, handlesets, and miscellaneous hardware since its inception. Schlage also provides access control solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Nowadays, Schlage is one of the largest smart locks companies in the world. With a huge variety of lock designs and styles.

smart deadbolt

Schlage Sense – Smart deadbolt

Your house, your car, and everything in it. Your loving ones and friends. Do not compromise on cheap home security solutions. Schlage, with the release of their newly launched Schlage Sense, took over the Smart lock industry with a big bang. Now you can control your home security from anywhere at any time.

schlage keypads

Schlage Connect

There are mainly two types of Schlage Connect. The Z-wave Plus and the Zigbee. Both will allow access from far away, setup up to 30 different access codes, convenient keypad, easy installation, 3 years warranty, and many more features.

The main differences are:

  • Built-in Alarm
  • It will be found only with the Z-wave model.
  • Amazon Key
  • Works only with the Zigbee model only
  • Echo Plush
  • Works with the Zigbee model only
  • Nexia, Ring Alarm, Wink & Google Assistant
  • Works only with the Z-wave model
  • You may need 4 AA batteries, or a Lithium ION battery depends on your chosen model.

schlage keypad

Schlage Keypad

Schlage’s keypads have a very sleek design, and they have a special feature that allows you to open the lock without going back inside. With over seven finishes and designs – The Schlage keypad deadbolts are a great choice.

This 09723009827 model cost is around $100, which makes it affordable for every household in Scranton.

Create up to 19 different access codes

Choose a finish like Aged Bronze, Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, Bright Brass, Matte Black, Satin Chrome & Satin Nickel.

write bullet points about Schlage smart locks as Shawn, the owner of Elegant Lock and Key

Elegant Lock and Key Opinion:

  • Schlage has been making locks since 1920
  • They make residential locks, door hardware, and access control solutions
  • Schlage Sense is their Smart deadbolt
  • It’s available in many different finishes
  • With the release of their new Schlage Sense, they took over the Smart Lock industry with a big bang
  • You can now control your home security from anywhere. (Requires WiFi)

emma kYale smart lock installation in Dalton, PA – Emma K.

“I highly recommend installing a Schlage Sense deadbolt. I have one installed in my home, and it’s wonderful! I love how it’s so easy to change the codes, so no one else has access to your house other than you. That way, if someone steals your key or you lose it, you’ll still be able to get into your house. It also has an alarm that will go off when someone tries to break in, which is great for keeping criminals out of your house. If you’re looking for a secure lock that also offers convenience, this is definitely the one for you!”

yale softwareYale

Yale began operations in 1868 and is headquartered in Milford, Connecticut. The company has grown to become the fourth largest manufacturer of locks in the United States. in December 2017, Assa Abloy completed the acquisition of Yale.

Yale has been here since ever, and they have a great variety of lock types, from window locks to heavy commercial locks.

In the last 4 years since Yale merged with Assa Abloy, Yale has been developing neat, smart locks and hoping to crack the market.

Yale pricing is high competing with their competitors, but be sure you get the value right back when these amazing locks are installed on your front and back door.

yale keypad

Assure Lock Touchscreen

These locks are fully packed with features like storing up to 250 different access codes, Privacy mode, Voice-guided, Auto re-lock, and many more.

Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen

Yale Assure is a new technology that makes your door smart without any wiring. This Yale model only works with Zigbee, so this will not be the best choice if you are looking for an Amazon Key solution.

Get notifications straight to your smartphone.

smart locks

Yale real living keypad

The real living model is more affordable than the Yale Assure lock. They are all touchscreens, but this model is unique because it has a built-in LED light for greater visibility at night/dark areas. Their pricing starts from $115 to around $150.

The difference between the Yale real living keypad and Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen is that this lock works with Zigbee only while the Assure is compatible with Z-wave and Zigbee.

yale locking

Elegant Lock and Key Opinion:

“The Yale Smart Lock is a great choice for any home in the United States. Their wide variety of locks, from patio door locks to commercial-grade locks, make them a leader in the lock industry. This lock is highly customizable and offers no small detail with their 250 different access codes, Privacy mode, Voice-guided, Auto re-lock, and many more features.”

Melany YYale real living installation in Scranton, PA – Melany Y.

“Elegant Lock and Key is one of the most professional locksmiths in Scranton. As a Yale Real Living Sence lock customer, I was impressed by the installers. They were professional, courteous, and really went out of their way to make sure our installation went smoothly.

I decided to go with the Yale Real Living Sence because I wanted to be able to control my door from my phone or tablet wherever I was.

After installing my new Yale Real Living Sence lock, the company set up everything for me remotely (even down to programming my

I just got a new Yale Real Living Sense to lock installed in my home, and it’s by far the best lock I’ve ever had! I used to have a Schlage Bluetooth Smart Lock, but when I went to try to change the code for it, there was no place where I could do so. It turns out that it only allowed 10 codes and then locked me out of the rest. I can store up to 250 codes with this lock, so if something happens with one code, I have many more options. The alarm is also great because it alerts me on my phone when someone tries to break in! ”

Weiser Lock Systems

The company was founded by Louis Weiser in 1906 and had been operating for over a century. It is based out of Monrovia, California. The company has grown to become one of the top brands in North America and is rapidly expanding internationally.

Unlike Schlage or Yale, which has been around ever – Weiser Lock Systems entered the locksmith industry with their smart lock line.

Keyless Lever Handle Entry Systems

Weiser has developed keyless entry door levers in three forms: Keypad, Touchscreen, and Fingerprint. The most popular of the Weiser locks the touchscreen. They are also non-re-keyable, which means you will not be able to change your key if lost/stolen. Schlage’s biggest competitor is Weiser.

Weiser is an old company that has been around for over a century. They entered the locksmith industry with their smart lock line and have been paying off very well. With an affordable price and state-of-the-art features like no re-key, what’s not to like?

Elegant Lock and Key Opinion:

“In conclusion, Schlage is a strong competitor with Kwikset and Yale. They have their own sense smart deadbolt that works with z-wave via a hub which allows you to control your lock from anywhere using the app on your smartphone. Just be sure to research each model before finalizing your decision.”

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