Need a replacement car key? Don’t let the dealer rip you off!
By Elegant Lock & Key

We’ve done the research, and we’ll save you $100’s!

Forget dealership prices! Elegant Lock and Key can help you cut that expense down to size. You can visit our locksmith shop near you at 802 N Washington Ave, Scranton, PA 18509 first, or our mobile locksmith will meet you at a designated location of your choice within our service areas.

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Why is a dealer more expensive than a local locksmith in Scranton, PA?

It’s simple. The dealer makes a high profit on their products and services due to higher overhead. Their highest markup is usually on the cost of rekeying car keys because many people rely on this service when they get new car keys from dealerships.

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How much should I pay for a replacement car key from the dealer?

You can expect to pay $300-$800 for a car key replacement. For example, the dealer charges $275-$575 for Honda keys and $290-$645 for Ford keys. That’s just the cost of the key! Don’t forget that towing your car to the dealer will cost you more money.

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We sell car keys at a fraction of the dealer’s price!

We offer a vast selection of car key models for nearly every make and model vehicle. Our replacement keys are guaranteed to work with your car, or we’ll give you your money back!

We can produce:

  • Car keys (to almost all car makes)
  • Key Fob Replacement
  • transponder key
  • high-security laser cut keys

You’ll also find the following services in our catalog:

  • Rekey locks
  • Keyless entry system (push to start)
  • Ignition switch (repair and replacement)
  • Car key programming
  • Car lockout

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Saving is easy with Elegant Lock and Key!

We don’t have the high expenses dealers do, so we pass the savings on to you! All our locksmith services come with a 30-day guarantee, so if any problem occurs, we’ll fix it for free.

Call us now at (570) 800-9515 or fill out the “Need a locksmith service?” form on the bottom for more information.

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Car key replacement cost Scranton, PA.

The car key replacement cost varies depending on your vehicle’s make, model, and year. If you are confused about the type of car key you need or would like to know how much the key replacement costs, don’t hesitate to contact our Scranton locksmith service for more information.

Can you get a car key made without the original key?

Yes, we can get a car key made without the original one. The only requirement is a VIN and proof of ownership, and calling a locksmith is probably more cost-effective than towing the vehicle to the dealer.

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Can a locksmith duplicate a car key?

It really depends on the locksmith and manufacturer, but all professional locksmiths can make a replacement car key. Replacing the lock is not recommended because it’s more expensive than making a new key.

What happens if I get locked out of my car?

First, don’t panic. It does happen to everyone at some point or another, after all. If you are locked out of your car, or if you locked the keys in the car, our locksmiths can handle any issues you might have regarding getting back in the vehicle.

Is it worth having a spare key for my car?

Having a spare key is essential if the original gets lost or damaged. Not only is it convenient having an extra key, but it can save you money since the dealer will charge for a replacement.

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Can you replace a broken car key?

Yes, it’s possible to replace a broken key, and we offer this service as well. Our locksmiths can also cut new keys if the one you have is beyond repair. If the key broke inside the ignition switch, our technicians could carefully extract it.

Is there a difference between key fob replacement, smart key option, and transponder keys?

Yes, there is a difference. In the vehicle key industry, all these types of keys are used. The key fob can be integrated with many smart features and security. A transponder key is equipped with a chip and may require a code for entry.

Can you trust a locksmith?

Yes, you can trust our locksmith. They are well-trained and professional. They always abide by the law and never risk their license or certification. Our locksmiths in Scranton are licensed, bonded, insured, and certified by Pennsylvania.

How do you know it’s a legitimate locksmith?

We recommend that you check the company’s website. If their website does not have an easy-to-find address, it might be fake. Never trust a locksmith that refuses to show ID. A legitimate locksmith will always be happy to show identification and present licensing info.

There you have it!

Thank you for reading visiting, and hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about our car key replacement cost in Scranton, PA. If you still have questions and want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling (570) 800-9515 – we’ll be more than happy to help!

Happy customers are our best reward!

Don’t trust just any locksmith with your car keys – trust the pros at Elegant Lock and Key! We offer professional automotive locksmith services whenever you need us.

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I am a realtor and needed help rekeying a lock fast. He came out within 20minutes! Had it done within 10minutes! I was amazed!! I will neeeeever call anyone else but him. He was also very kind! I wish I could give him 10 stars
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