2022 Best Smart Locks for Homes
By Elegant Lock & Key

Did you know locksmiths did not invent locks? Yes, locksmiths started the locks and locksmithing industry, but locks are actually an ancient invention. Research shows that locks have been around since BC 2000. The first locks were made of wood or stones called wooden traps. Today we have a variety of locks available for different applications, and locks are considered to be a vital security component of our homes.

Several locks have come up in the locksmithing industry, like door locks, padlocks, magnetic locks, and smart locks. It is not easy to choose a perfect lock if you are new to it, but some factors can help you decide on locks for your home.

In this article, we will discuss factors that can help you choose smart locks for your homes. We will also review several smart locks to let you know which ones are the best locks for your homes and why. After all, it would be best if you got locks according to your needs to serve you for a long time.

Smart locks are an upgraded version of locks that use technology and other features to secure your home from any unwanted person after you have left it during the day or night. In some cases, smart locks are equipped with locksmithing tools that allow expert locksmiths to access locks if the locks fail to operate at times.

Smart locks, what are they and how do they work?

Smart locks are built with intelligent technology and can be controlled via smartphones or other electronic devices. Locks are becoming more intelligent than ever, and they work on batteries that last for a long time. They come in different colors, making them ideal locks for homes and offices since they blend in with the interiors of homes and offices.

Smart locks are more expensive than traditional ones, but they have high-security features that you cannot compare with regular ones. Some of these locks come with advanced locking systems, which allow homeowners to secure their homes better and provide safety to family members.

The locks are programmed using codes or other smartphones to connect with the smart locks and lock them from a distance. They can also be programmed to unlock the locks automatically when they are in the range of the locks.

This is an ideal lock for homeowners who want to secure their homes during vacations or business trips. It is said that smart locks do not allow an unauthorized person to enter the house when you are away, and this keeps your family members safe.

The locks provide several controlling options that allow you to control the smart lock using your smartphone. This will enable you to open and close locks, set up timers for locks, and even check the current status of the locks at any given time using smartphones. The locks provide the best locking system available today, which helps to get optimal safety for your homes. In addition, smart locks cannot be broken easily using traditional tools, and they usually work long before you need re-programming of locks.

All of the locks reviewed here are considered locks for homes and are priced below $300. Now let us discuss locks in detail so that you can get a better idea about locks.

august smart lock

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock – $229

The August WiFi Smart Lock is perfect for people who have been looking to upgrade their door locks. With a retrofit lock and an open & close sensor, this smart lock can be installed with ease within minutes by any homeowner without the help of an electrician or professional installer. This model has built-in Wi-Fi so that you will not have to buy $80 worth of modules to give your family remote access from anywhere!

The August WiFi Smart Lock helps you get into your house without keys. In fact, it’s 44% smaller than the previous models and works with the most popular voice assistants to give you unlimited user access and document every action at your front door.

The August WiFi Smart Lock is a powerful, easy-to-install lock that enables you to remotely access your front door from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. The app for this product allows users to unlock and lock their doors using an Android or IOS device.


Yale Assure Lock SL Key the Free Touchscreen Deadbolt – $199

Yale’s newest smart deadbolt bundle includes August, and it works with Amazon Alexa voice control, Google Assistant and HomeKit. Yale has a sleek design that looks good on nearly every door — the touchscreen keypad is small but comes in three finishes. The newest addition to this product line also features DoorSense sensors for those who want more security while away from their home or office space!

There are a variety of colors to choose from and interchangeable modules for Z-Wave or Zigbee if you want to connect it with other devices in your smart home system, and they cost $50 each!

Wi-Fi Deadbolts

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt – $218

The Schlage Encode is a smart door lock that functions without any additional HomeKit compatible devices. With Wi-Fi compatibility and connection to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other popular in-home delivery services like Amazon Alexa, it’s perfect for anyone who needs the convenience of deliveries or wants peace of mind when away from their home.

The $218 Schlage Encode doesn’t do everything. Still, this sleek designed door lock provides elegance and functionality when coupled with its included features such as built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to use your phone instead of traditional keys! The encodes modern style can fit both contemporary homes perfectly, blending seamlessly into chrome trimming on doors, making them look even chicer.

nest yale scranton

Nest Yale Lock – $280

Nest partnered up with Yale to create a Google-centric touch keypad smart lock. This Nest app $280 smart door lock has the beautiful design of Yale’s previous models, but it doesn’t have as many functions as other keyless locks that integrate with other smart home devices.

Nest x Yale smart lock is an option for owners of a Nest Secure alarm system. If you’re looking for a more flexible smart-home hub integration or voice control, you will need to look elsewhere.

array smart door lock keypad

Array Door Lock by Hampton – $265

The $265 Array smart lock is a sleek, solar-powered device with built-in Wi-Fi and battery backup that doesn’t work with HomeKit or Google Assistant. It has a solar panel to save power and a hidden keypad – but it is pricey. It’s only compatible with Amazon Alexa. You won’t be able to connect it to a hub.

This simple, smart lock will get the job done. It also does an excellent job at access management. Just don’t expect integration with other smart-home devices.

kevo kwikset lock

Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt – $180

Kwikset has put smarts in a smart lock with the addition of Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and an app that communicates its status to your smartphone. This update to the Kevo smart deadbolt is superior to the previous one in nearly every way, including installation—which has been simplified compared to the first-gen smart lock. The Kevo smart deadbolt has two primary smarts: Bluetooth and NFC (near field communication). When you enter the smart lock’s proximity, all you need to do is touch its faceplate—no more fishing for keys, fumbling with a key ring, or juggling the house and office keys. The smart lock’s presence sensor should detect you; if it doesn’t, the light on its face will glow green, and you’ll have to enter a four-digit passcode (the same one used for the rest of the Kwikset smart deadbolts). This is all carried out by an app that regularly polls a server.


Schlage Sense Bluetooth Deadbolt Smart Lock – $195

The Schlage Sense smart deadbolt brings Apple-Esque smarts to one of the most common security devices in homes. This smart lock installs just like a regular deadbolt and can be controlled via your iPhone or iPad, Siri, or even with your voice when you’re using an Apple TV as the smart home hub. Note that Schlage, like many smart lock makers, doesn’t recommend leaving a smart deadbolt on its own to secure your entire home; we’d suggest pairing it with other smart locks (like the Kwikset Kevo) or smart door sensors.

The smart deadbolt’s sleek, aluminum body adds a touch of style to the front door (as opposed to the basic black cylinders many smart locks use). The smart lock also features an illuminated keypad that allows you to see your entries in low-light conditions easily. And when friends come over, they can tap a button to unlock the smart deadbolt.

Customer stories

Mrs. L, Friday, 3:00 PM, Wilkes Barre, PA– Three days ago someone broke into my house, I was so scared. They stole things from my home and I needed to do something about this. I called the cops but they never found out who it was. After a while, I started feeling like someone was watching me all the time, following me around. It made me feel unsafe in my own home, so that’s when I ordered smart locks from Elegant Lock and Key. They arrived today, at noon, as promised! The installation took only 15 minutes and now I feel safe in my own home again.

Mr. B from Kingston, PA– I recently had the pleasure of buying a wifi doorknob from the people at Elegant Lock and Key in Scranton. I had no idea locks could be so easy to use, but this one is great! I can now give my grandkids codes that will only let them into their room when they need to charge their cell phones or get some clothes and know that they cannot get into any other part of the house unless I want them to. The best part is that it has all of these cool features that allow me to lock and unlock door remotely. Now if my son-in-law needs something he can use his own code instead of waiting on me or having to come home.

Remember These Things

Smart locks: smart lock technology adds convenience, but smart door locks are primarily security devices.

  • Never give out your unlock codes to anyone who isn’t somebody you trust (never let in strangers when nobody’s home).
  • Use a PIN code for any voice control unlock and make sure to enable the auto to relock feature so that if you forget to lock the smart door, it’ll automatically lock behind you if you leave.
  • Keep your smart lock in good repair, and remember smart locks can fail, so there’s nothing wrong with using a smart door deadbolt along with smart technology.
  • Smart door locks have their place, but they are NOT a substitute for smart security cameras.
  • Remember that home security is a whole home process, so look for additional security items like smart home smoke detectors.

A good home lock is easy to install and works with your home Wi-Fi network or installed directly to your home alarm system via Z-Wave or Zigbee.

Thinking about a deadbolt replacement and need the help of a Scranton locksmith? Call us today for a free estimate!

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